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Kleothera Servilius is the Elven Goddess of the Clan Circle of Fire and Protectress of the Elves. She had previously lead the Temple of Eternal Light and the Clan Discordance. She is also known to be a patron of the Arts as a Bard and had also stood for the attributes of healing and light. Some dwarves have also worshipped her recognizing the role of Fire in the magical act of smelting metals.

Her early origins are obscure, but it is said that st the time of her ascent to immortality, she was made Hero of the Clan The Hand of Darkness (which she briefly lead thousands of years later) under Caimen. Her time there was extremely brief and she became Hero of the Clan Discordance under the God Archinus. As a young Goddess, her attribute was that of Mischief, but she became more serious and mature as the centuries went by. When Archinus departed from the realms, she became Goddess of Discordance and replaced him as the Embodiment of Chaos.

The events that lead to the fall of Discordance left their mark on the Goddess. The treachery of one she trusted showed her the error of her old ways and she became convinced that it is no longer possible to maintain a stance of neutrality in these unsettled times and declared for the forces of good. The spark that lit The Circle of Fire came from the embers of the burning Hall of Discordance and is to her a reminder of the need for eternal vigilance. It also symbolized her eventual victory, for born out of tragedy was born a great clan.

Not much is know about the Goddesses personality and few claim to be her close friends. But she is known to be firm and fair, if hard at times. Unlike many other of the Gods, she does not believe in interfering directly in the lives of mortals. Yet her loyalty to her clan is legendary. She is known to have a decided fondness for the young in her capacity as Archon of the Mentors. She is a virgin Goddess and known to have slain many a man who had overstepped the limit of propriety. At over 400 years, she remains still fairly young by Elven standards.

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